Audition Tip: Make a Line Flub Work in Your Favor


We’ve all been there. Your audition is going along smoothly. The words are effortlessly flowing out of you. Everything is exactly as you rehearsed it. When, suddenly…

You flub a line.


You can’t believe it. Is this really happening? It was going so well and now the whole thing is ruined!

You want to punch your own brain in the face for betraying you.

You think to yourself, this must be what death feels like, as you feel the heat of the light pointed at your face. A white light. How fitting.

Is it over? Did you just blow it?


A flubbed line in your audition is not the end of the world. In fact, it isn’t even a big deal at all. It’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal.


Actors flub lines all the time. Even big movie stars do. The casting director knows this. The director knows this. Everyone in the casting room and everyone that will be watching your audition video knows this. They won’t think it’s a big deal either unless you make them think it is.

Don’t let one line flub tailspin your entire audition. The best auditioners are not going to let the mistake bother them. They maintain their composure and continue on with the audition as if nothing happened. If you are able to do this in your audition, it can send a powerful message.

It can even make your line flub work in your favor.

Since everyone knows that you will occasionally make a mistake, they’re going to paying close attention to how you react after making that mistake. If you can show that you’re not affected by it, you’re going to stand out big time.

My favorite analogy to use for this is a quarterback in football. No quarterback wants to throw an interception. In fact, they do everything they can to avoid it. But we all know interceptions are a part of the game and that even the best quarterbacks in the world will occasionally throw one. What separates the best quarterbacks from the rest is the ability to forget the mistake and finish playing the game with as much confidence as he started with. Coaches love this quality in a player.

And directors love this quality in an actor.

Production sets are often hectic, high pressure environments. While every effort is made to minimize mistakes while shooting, they still happen. The lighting is wrong, the focus is off, the sound is clipping, or… an actor flubs a line. All of these mistakes can and do happen all the time.

Directors want to work with people who are cool under pressure, who don’t let little mistakes affect their work going forward. This goes for the production crew as well as actors. So if you flub a line in your audition, lose your composure and start cursing at yourself under your breath, you’re probably not going to make a good impression. On the other hand, if you can brush off the mistake and finish the audition strong, you will be showing the director that you are able to handle the pressure like a pro.

You are the quarterback of your audition.

Practice enough to minimize the chances of an interception. But if one happens, shake it off, keep your cool, and continue on with confidence.

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